Raleigh Court Neighborhood Association –  Roanoke, VA

The Greater Raleigh Court Civic League was organized in 1978 after two Grandin Road residents, Kitty Roche and Anne Glenn, rallied neighbors together to protest a zoning variance.  From that knot of concerned citizens has grown the neighborhood organization that exists today to preserve the character of our community and promote the welfare of our citizens.

Representing Raleigh Court, Center Hill, Ghent, Lakewood, Lee-Hy Court, Rosalind Hills, Virginia Heights, and Westhampton, the GRCCL encourages understanding of and participation in our city government and has a strong voice in city affairs.

Since its beginning, the league has been involved in numerous issues of concern to neighborhood residents.  The League has been successful in influencing the design of the nursing home along Grandin Road, the renovation of Grandin Village, replacing trees, slowing speeders, and creating new trails/greenways.  The League won a Neighborhood of the Year Award from Neighborhoods USA in 1993  for one of its projects.

Today the Civic League is involved with other issues as well, including zoning, Murray Run Greenway and trailhead construction, and neighborhood cleanups.  The League also works closely with the Grandin Village Business Association to keep the commercial section of our neighborhood vibrant and attractive.

The League publishes an award-winning newsletter, annually sponsors various neighborhood events such as a spring Block Party in May, holds a pot-luck dinner every September, and assists with the Grandin Road Children’s Holiday Parade in November.

Read the Greater Raleigh Court Neighborhood Plan.

Past Presidents of the Civic League

1978-80    James G. Harvey
1980-82    Anne Glenn
1982-84    Mike Vudragovich
1984-86    Kitty Roche
1986-88    Lou Ellis
1988-90    Russ Ellis
1990-92    David Camper
1992-94    Robert Turcotte
1994-96    Tony Stavola
1996-98    Mike Urbanski
1998-00    Brenda McDaniel
2000-02    Matt Pritts
2002-04    Tom Hanes
2004-06    Kurt Navratil
2006-08    Chad VanHyning
2008-10    Susan Koch
2010-12    Chad Braby
2012-14    Jake Gilmer
2014-16    Kit Hale

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