Greater Raleigh Court Civic League – Ver 2.0

Great.  Just what the world needs.  Another blog.  Don’t we already have too many voices yapping away into the ether?

But wait.  Before you blow past on your way to the next TMZ post, stop a minute.

This one is a little different.  It’s about…well…you.  You.  Your neighborhood.  Neighbors.  Raleigh Court.  Grandin Village.  Schools.  Parks.  Trees.  Community.

Above all, that’s what the Greater Raleigh Court Civic League is all about.  Building Community.  Think of us as a new glue that connects you with your neighborhood.

That’s why you moved here.  That’s why you bought the 80-year old four-square with the leaky windows and tiny closets instead of the newer, low-maintenance version in the ‘burbs.  You’re here for the community.  So are we.

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