Election Time

Next Tuesday, May 4, is election day for Roanoke City Council. It’s important to vote in every election, whether national, state or local. But this one is especially important. As the saying goes, “All politics are local”, and this is as local as it gets.

Seven candidates are vying for three open Council seats. A slate of three Democrats, Bill Bestpitch, Ray Ferris, and an incumbent, Dave Trinkle, picked up an endorsement from the Roanoke Times this morning. The editorial can be read here:

A slate of three Republicans, Bob Craig, Tony Walker, and Mike Powell is running, and independent Carl Cooper rounds out the candidate selection. Powell has been endorsed by the local Tea Party.

The Civic League does not endorse candidates. But, as an organization, we do have a vested interest in the race. GRCCL interacts frequently with Council members, and vice-versa. We are the go-to group for all things related to the neighborhood, so the individual make-up of the Council and the personalities therein is important.

Most of the candidates have websites where you can find more personal and background information. Cast your vote thoughtfully on Tuesday.

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