Calling All Candidates

The results of Tuesday’s Roanoke City Council election are in. The Democratic slate of Dave Trinkle, Ray Ferris and Bill Bestpitch carried the day. A Republican, retired Marine vet Bob Craig, trailed Bestpitch by a small margin for the last spot. Obviously, Craig’s offering of experience and change from the norm resonated with voters.

A side note on the election. None of the seven candidates reside in Greater Raleigh Court. Of the current Council, none are Raleigh Courters. The last neighborhood representation on Council was Brenda McDaniel, who served from 2004-2006 when she took over for Nelson Harris when he was elected Mayor. Harris, incidentally, is also a Raleigh Court resident.

The lack of neighborhood representation is a little puzzling, considering Greater Raleigh Court is the City’s largest ‘hood, and its almost 10,000 residents make up over 10% of the population.

Anyone out there with a strong sense of civic duty and very thick skin? 2012 is not far off, and it’s not too soon to start the conversation.

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