Food Inc

I’d been delaying it for over a year now, but it finally arrived on Sunday; the day the movie Food Inc. found its way into my DVD player.

I purposefully skipped it when it was out in theaters last year. “I know what it’s going to say”, I grumbled. It’s the same logic I use for avoiding horror movies and haunted houses. Why spend my hard-earned cheese just to have the daylights scared out of me?

But Netflix struck again. It showed up in the mail, and I’m glad I watched.

My wife and I almost didn’t make it past the first half, when the death-scenes from the chicken houses were followed by the story of the toddler killed by E-Coli. My wife doesn’t do two-year-olds killed by anything.

Yes, it’s depressing, and leaves me wondering yet again whose side our elected officials are really on. Mostly, big business and the lure of cash and career furtherance.

But we stuck with movie, right through to the stirring reward at the end. The positive message it leaves is, “We’re not powerless to stop the madness.” Every time we make a purchase, we’re casting a vote. Every purchase at McDonalds casts a vote for big food. Every purchase of locally produced and distributed food has the opposite effect. Witness Wal Mart. You may not agree with everything for which the retail behemoth stands, but it’s hard to argue the results. The consumer giant reacts to consumer demands, and every decision they make changes the market.

On reflection, my main attitude today is one of gratitude. We’re blessed with a strong community here in Raleigh Court, with committed and motivated people. I’m particularly grateful for the Grandin Village Community Market. It doesn’t get any more local than this. Cast your vote, every Saturday this summer from 8 am to 12 pm behind the Roanoke Natural Foods Coop on Grandin Road.

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