Local Food

Local food is on my mind. I can’t help it. Three times a day (or more) I’m hungry, so it’s hard to forget about food.

It’s probably lazy to re-hash what I recently wrote on the topic last week after viewing Food, Inc., and it’s definitely arrogant to quote oneself, but, hey, the shoe fits.

“We’re not powerless to stop the madness. Every time we make a (food) purchase, we’re casting a vote. Every purchase at McDonalds casts a vote for big food. Every purchase of locally produced and distributed food has the opposite effect. Witness Wal Mart. You may not agree with everything for which the retail behemoth stands, but it’s hard to argue the results. The consumer giant reacts to consumer demands, and every decision they make changes the market.”

Here’s another opportunity to cast a vote. A new mid-week community market has opened. Every Wednesday from 4-7 pm at the West End Center, local food will prevail. It’s just across the Memorial Bridge from Raleigh Court, and the mid-week timing is perfect to re-stock your home produce shelves.

Here’s a little more from the Roanoke Times:

Let’s make an effort to support this fantastic market. It’s a win-win (and win, win, win).

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