Raleigh Court has cool residents

Another of the great things about being involved with the Greater Raleigh Court Civic League is getting to meet and hear about cool people.

Take resident Ralph Berrier, Jr. He’s a reporter and writer for the Roanoke Times and a longtime resident of SW Virginia. He’s written a book; “If Trouble Don’t Kill Me”. It’s the story of his grandfather and great-uncle, twins Clayton and Saford Hall, who laid the seeds of country an bluegrass music in Southwest Virginia from the 1930’s forward.

Here’s a great video introduction to the book, created by another Raleigh Court resident, Tom Landon:

The book is also getting some strong press. Here’s a full write-up review in the Wall Street Journal:

Also, be sure to check out the November issue of the Civic League’s Court Reporter for an interview and discussion with Mr. Berrier.

One Response to Raleigh Court has cool residents

  1. […] More info and rave reviews of his fantastic book here. […]

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