Help with the Big Move

Two well loved Grandin Village shops will be moving starting on Tuesday, May 24, and they’ve put out a call for help. Too Many Books is moving into the building owner Linda Steadman bought several months ago. It’s two blocks up on Grandin and currently houses New to Me and Designs on Grandin.

New to Me will be moving two blocks down Grandin into space owned by Reid’s Fine Furniture. All of which means a carefully choreographed logistical dance. And a lot of stuff to pack and unpack.

New to Me, because it’s a consignment shop, has been able to reduce its inventory. Linda is struggling with too many books—she’s still unsure how she’s going to fit everything into her new space. She’ll be using the New to Me space and part of the second floor of the new building, but it’s going to be really tight. Eventually, when the lease runs out on the salon which occupies part of the first floor, she’ll be able to expand there.

Both Linda and Jenny have been long-term supporters of Raleigh Court and Grandin Village. Now’s the chance to return the favor.

When and Where: Starting at 10:00 on Tuesday, May 24, both shops need help with packing up their inventories. They’ll need help all day Tuesday and probably on Wednesday. Just drop by when you can—and wear old clothes.

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